Jersey Photos was one of the first websites to feature a photo library of the largest of the Channel Islands and won a few marketing accolades. Over the years I have added and deleted images to keep pace with the times. However, many of the iconic pictures feature Jersey’s natural landscapes and seascapes and although as a photographer you always strive to improve the photos you have taken of a particular location, sometimes those older originals shot on film and digitised at the time are unrepeatable.

We are all consumers and want to see something new and in most cases modern digital cameras, particularly when a good piece of glass is attached, almost match the quality of a Hasselblad, or Rollei. I must say it does take something to beat the colour density of Fujichrome or Kodachrome but there you go we have to move on.

The next phase in camera evolution is currently underway and my name is on the list of possible purchasers if they can make enough to keep up with the demand for these when they come on the market  later this year.

Meanwhile if you are looking for a Jersey view for a wall at home or a blank space in your office please ping me an email .